Fintech site allowing users to apply for loans in a fully automated way. It is essentially a fully automated online broker.


Yii 2Yii 2

the challenge

The concept for the site was to make loan application easy, seamless and automated. The main challenge was to remove the human factor and make the whole process fully automated.

the solution

DnD built the YII 2 application allowing for the client to manage their content through the CMS. On top of that, we developed Node.JS API which served as a connector to the client’s CRM. Node.JS was a perfect choice to manage data validation process as the speed of the entire process was a key element for the client.

Cutting Edge Technology

The application of Node.JS API and robust Yii 2 CMS allowed us to create a fully automated broker which allows user to apply for loans quickly and without a hassle to spend hours on helplines.


The client has observed an increase in user traffic and loan applications thanks to the product we build. Additional advantage of a fully automated system was saving on hours spend by the client’s callcentre employees on validating loan applicants.

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