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01The project

A React Native application that creates a mutually supportive community where users can send requests for help and respond to others. The geolocation function gives a possibility to show requests on a map and at the same time to quickly help people in the nearest vicinity.

The app was developed by our team consisting of UX/UI designers, frontend & backend developers in cooperation with external branding agency which created CI for Pomagator. As a result, we've built the intuitive and user-friendly app that makes everyone feel like a hero even without a cape.

The challenge

Our client texted us with an idea to turn his dream into a large mobile project that could unite people and bring a lot of benefits. The platform should help seekers find a nearby helper in their location. Also, it works vice versa - after the registration helpers can mention in which area they would like to provide assistance.

At the very beginning only 5 schematic layouts of the future application were presented to us; thus, a clear goal was set - not only to create a mobile app from scratch, but also supplement the already existing concept, add functions that reflect the users' demands and needs.

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The solution

After the workshop with product owners, we decided to integrate a map of the area (using Google Maps), which can optionally change to a regular list of requests. Also, we implemented a real-time chat system. As a result, all these functions have improved communication between users and made the search for help requests as well as the search for those who can provide help faster and more conveniently.

pomagator mobile view

Main feature

Each user decides in which areas he or she is willing to provide help. Users will be given a possibility to choose among 12 categories such as ‘Home and Garden’, ‘Health and Beauty’, ‘Sport and Travel’, ‘Education’ etc.

By analysing a location and declared skills, the algorithms connect a person waiting for support and a helper who is ready to assist.

Help requests can be displayed on the map as pins. A click on the pin will instantly redirect to the request’s page. One of the location functions is called "follow me". This feature changes the pin placement on the map when the user is moving.

A user profile allows to follow personal stats and refill ‘Pomapins’ - virtual currency used in the Pomagator application.

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Just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for your hard work that you’ve put into the app and admin panel, it seems like we’ve made something great!

Mariusz Kryus, founder of Pomagator

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