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A software house without skilled WordPress Developers is like a car without the wheels. But don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of them.

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Back-End Development


As an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime, Node is designed to build scalable network applications. Many connections can be handled concurrently. Upon each connection the callback is fired, but if there is no work to be done, Node will sleep.

Back-End Development

Laravel 4+

Laravel is one of the most popular a web application framework. It enables creation of efficient and safe solutions. Contains many tools for developers.

Back-End Development


WordPress (WP) allows you to build any kind of site you want: business sites, blogs, portfolio sites or fancy landing pages, basically the sky is the limit!

Front-End Development


React.js is a JavaScript library designed for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and community of highly dedicated developers.

Back-End Development


The leading PHP framework to create websites and web applications. Built on top of the Symfony Components.

Back-End Development

Zend 2.0

Zend Framework is a collection of professional PHP packages with more than 289 million installations. It can be used to develop web applications and services.

Back-End Development

Yii 2

Yii is a fast, secure, and efficient PHP framework. Flexible yet pragmatic, works right out of the box.

Back-End Development

Silverstripe 3+

SilverStripe is OpenSource CMS (Content Management System). SilverStripe is easy to use, flexible and secure.

Back-End Development


Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build web sites and powerful online applications.

Back-End Development


Drupal is the leading open-source CMS for ambitious digital experiences that reach your audience across multiple channels.

Back-End Development


Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage any e-business.

Front-End Development


Cornerstone technologies and standard markup languages for creating web pages and applications.

Front-End Development


Cornerstone technologies and standard markup languages for creating web pages and applications.

Front-End Development


Vanilla.js is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much easier with a simple-to-use API that works across different browsers.

Front-End Development


jQuery is a JavaScript library designed for building user interfaces.

Front-End Development


Angular.js is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end framework dedicated to build amazing web applications.

Front-End Development


Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It is particularly powerful in creating complex single page sites.

Mobile Development


Kotlin is a programming language for the Java Virtual Machine and can, therefore, be used anywhere Java is used today, so virtually anywhere! This includes server, client, web, and Android development.

Mobile Development


Swift is a general-purpose language developed by Apple to create applications for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux.

Mobile Development

React Native

React Native allows for building mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, allowing for composing a rich mobile UI from declarative components.

Mobile Development


Objective-C is the primary programming language used when writing software for OS X and iOS.

Mobile Development


A key benefit of working with Xamarin is that the application user interface uses native controls on each platform, which allows for creating apps across different platforms simultaneously (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Mobile Development


Java is one of the most popular programming languages used to create Web applications and platforms. It was designed for flexibility, allowing developers to write code that would run on any machine, regardless of architecture or platform.
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We are Dev and Deliver, Web and Mobile app developers based in Krakow, Poland. We want to bring your ideas and projects to life using the most popular and well recognised technologies as well as some up-and-coming tech. We can build your blog, develop your web app, and create your mobile app, just they way you want it.
We're not just a group of developers. We are passionate forerunners, challenging the standards of coding and bringing our expertise to your projects.
This is the core foundation of Dev and Deliver. If you can think it, we can create it.

Web Development

Delivering web solutions in React, Yii, Laravel, SilverStripe and other popular frameworks.

Mobile Development

High quality mobile development across all platforms. Native, Progressive and Hybrid Apps.


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  • Information Architecture
  • UX & UI wireframes
  • Web and Mobile Designs
  • 3D Models and Animatics


  • Websites & Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Backends & API's
  • Desktop Applications


  • 3D Applications
  • Internet of things - IOT
  • Immersive Storytelling
  • Beacon Smart Spaces
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
case study

web service gigplug

Allowing companies to match open roles to a pool of experienced freelancers and contractors. GigPlug users get instant access to finding projects and managing workforce in one place.

case study

E-commerce Ivvi

E-commerce site created to offer a wide range of fashion products.

case study

web service Vippo

Fintech site allowing users to apply for loans in a fully automated way. It is essentially a fully automated online broker.


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I have been using Dev and Deliver services to develop native mobile applications (iOS and Android) with server side solutions (using mostly Yii framework). The services DnD team has provided POSSIBLE have been of excellent quality of delivery - on time and budget. During the development process they are punctual and reliable, always focusing on meeting deadlines but with a particular eye on quality of service. DnD team has been always available and their communication was flawless. Considering the competitive rates Dev and Deliver offers, they work is considered great value for money.

All in all, it's been a pleasure working with them, so I'm more than happy to recommend the services of DevandDeliver.

Andreas Nagy, Possible / Project Director

Over the last few years I have had a pleasure to work with Dev and Deliver team on various digital projects including mobile applications and web development. DnD has a wide range of expertise and for that reason we have been able to capitalise their skills in various IT fields. Apart from providing our company with front end development, they have also supplied our company with API and CMS solutions for complex projects. DnD provides a reliable service and out of the box solutions to deliver the best final product possible. They do an excellent job in keeping the deadlines and delivering what was required of them.

We have used DnD services in projects for large corporates companies and start-ups.

I’m more than happy to recommend the services of Dev and Deliver, as they are a group of dedicated and supportive professionals.

Chad / Group Managing Director

Dev and Deliver have become our trusted partner during the development of recruitment platform GigPlug! We have really valued their technology insight, expertise and professionalism during the tech build process, and they always exceed expectations to help our business. We also enjoy working with Michal, our Dev and Deliver PM!

Elaine Relihan, GigPlug / Co-Founder and CEO