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The project

TFSC is a digital all-in-one solution that helps to reduce risk, simplifies compliance and improves safety. This complex product allows to complete app-based inspections and report issues just in a few taps, gives a possibility to monitor your global estate from anywhere and identify problems in time.

Our team of developers and designers has been working closely on new functions for the past 2 years, renewed the interface design for both mobile and web application, and provided solutions to user’s pain points.

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The challenge

First of all, it was a completely new sector for the team. It took us a while to learn characteristics of the industry, to familiarize ourselves with fire safety legislations and international standards such as COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange), and to understand our client’s needs. Secondly, we had to take into consideration four different levels of user access depending on the role they have in a particular company. Eventually, redesigning the entire platform is always a big responsibility to clients and users - and we were ready to accept this challenge!

The solution

To build a good user experience, we have become experts in this field, expanded the functionality of our software, and presented convenient and reliable solutions in the mobile app and BackOffice for all user access levels mentioned above. Moreover, we have created a design system from scratch (including new icons, typography, components, and illustrations).

TFS project view

Main features

The data provided by our client demonstrated that users wanted to have an ability to customise some of the features. The limited functionality of the applications could not cover these needs fully.

Thanks to our improvements, companies can now add the opening hours of each of their facilities, configure intervals and frequency of fire safety inspections, and assign responsibilities to employees.

Additionally, we have unified the data of the online, PDF & Excel reports, decreased the time for report generation process and made the reports more readable and easy to understand.

On the part of the mobile application we have started to notify users about the availability of a new update and allowed them to use the TFS Compliance app in offline mode.

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