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Dev and Deliver is ready to offer you professional development services for better business operations and sales increase.

Located right in the heart of Europe, Dev And Deliver is a Polish software house that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology and years of experience, delivering high-quality software to diverse clients from all over the world. As a professional software development company, we are committed to solving complex challenges with easy-to-use solutions. Our development team of seasoned developers, designers, and other IT specialists all combine their expertise to bring ideas to life. Welcome to Dev and Deliver, your partner in digital transformation.

01Why Poland?

Over the last decades, Poland has risen to prominence as a major hub for technological innovation, especially when it comes to software development. But what is it that makes this Central European country capture the attention of global tech giants and startups alike?

Firstly, Poland possesses a robust educational infrastructure, with high-class universities producing a steady stream of highly-skilled software engineers and IT specialists every year. This talent pool is further enhanced by Poland’s strategic location in Europe, which also makes it a logistical sweet spot for operations in both Western and Eastern Europe.

Software development companies in Poland also offer competitive pricing models for software, delivering high-quality software at a fraction of the cost you might encounter in other Western countries. The Polish IT community is constantly evolving, supported by many tech events, conferences, and promising incubators, all of which fosters an environment of continuous innovation.

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02What is a Software House?

A software house is simply a company that specializes in developing software solutions – but it’s also so much more than that. At its core, a software house is where technical expertise meets creative problem-solving to develop groundbreaking custom software. The services of a software house range from creating bespoke software for specific client needs, developing commercial software products for a wider audience, or even simply offering software-related consultancy services.

Technology is a major force shaping modern society, giving software houses plenty of work across various industries, from finance and healthcare to entertainment and e-commerce. These companies make sure both businesses and institutions can harness the power of technology to meet their goals. This often includes much more than just coding – a software house covers the full software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, product design, implementation, software testing, and post-launch support.

What is the role of a Software House?

Software houses regularly form the backbone of a modern digital world. They play a pivotal role in shaping the way both businesses and individuals interact with technology. The main responsibility of a software house is to design and development of software applications tailored to specific requirements, and later to deploy and maintain it.

We create both custom-made enterprise solutions aimed to streamline international operations, and advanced software for small and medium-sized businesses. From mobile apps focused on the best user experience to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, we bring digital visions of our clients to life.

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03What services do Software Houses offer?

Software houses offer a wide range of services, prepared to cover the entire software development lifecycle and beyond. From custom software development and mobile app development to web development and web design, whatever your software needs are, our software house can help.

Custom Software Development

Mobile App Development

Web Design and Web Development

IoT Development

AI and Machine Learning Solutions

UI/UX Design

Custom software development involves creating software tailored to the unique requirements of each individual client. It makes sure that the software fits perfectly into the organization’s existing structure and adequately addresses its challenges.

04Turn your ideas into digital reality with Dev And Deliver

Having an innovative idea is just the starting point – bringing that idea to life and making it tangible is where the real challenge lies. To make sure you’re ahead of your competition, you’ll need a trusted partner on your journey to digital transformation.

Dev And Deliver offers a unique composition of technical prowess, industry knowledge, and deep understanding of user experience. We’ve helped clients both big and small turn their vision into reality, realizing custom applications, web platforms, and diverse enterprise solutions.

With Dev And Deliver, you can turn your ideas into the next digital sensations in the making – contact us today and we’ll find the perfect approach for your software projects!

Dev And Deliver's headquarters is located in Kraków. However, if you are looking for a software house in these cities and locations, contact us:

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