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01The project

It’s time to ditch the paper appointment booking and move on. That’s why we have developed for our client a Progressive Web Application named Cuttime that allows customers to book men's haircuts and at the same time, makes it possible for hairdressers to rent a chair in Swedish hair salons.

Our work took place in close cooperation with the Gents client who came to us with initial sketches of the application looking for a strong expertise in UX/UI design and product development. The result of this fruitful partnership was the app release for the Swedish market.




The challenge

Our team was exited to work on such an innovative technology as PWA. However, the project was a real challenge for us, because we were working with typical Swedish solutions which were unknown to us before. At the beginning, our team had to conduct research and learn about a Swish payment provider and the Swedish method of individuals and companies authentication using BankID.

Moreover, our Design Team needed to understand and figure out how to present the process of renting chairs by hairdressers or barbers in a clear and readable way. This was not only a visually complex feature, but also it required us to provide backend solutions where our developers had to ensure the logic was correct.

View of project
View of project

The solution

To create the PWA that the Gents client wanted, our Cracow developers decided to use such a Javascript technology as React.js and PHP framework Laravel. And in the meantime by thoroughly understanding the business case and an application requirements, our Design Team began preparing wireframes which showed solutions to above-mentioned challenges.

Keeping in mind the app-like behavior and difficulties associated with chair rental process for hairdressers, we have offered the client a calendar view which presents the hairdresser's work schedule and at the same time, allows to book chairs at his or her preferred working hours.

cuttime mobile version

Main features

The interface of Cuttime serves two types of users: customers and hairdressers/barbers. For each of them, we have built a unique set of features that helps interact with our Progressive Web Application quickly and conveniently.

For example, the customers are suggested to choose between those options: ‘Book time’ and ‘Find first available cut nearby’. The first one allows you to schedule an appointment at a specific date, studio or your favourite hairdresser using corresponding filters. Additionally, the second function explores nearby places and runs a search for the first available cut.

We've also simplified the procedure of finding salons rent-a-chair for the hairdressers by specifying a location, a studio, and preferred working hours. Thus, we always give our users a choice and save their precious time.

In addition, the application takes care of the safety and security of your data and money. With the Swish payment provider, the customers can instantly pay for a haircut. Cuttime refuses cash payment and ensures reliability & flexibility for all users.

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