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The project

The EnjoyEco mobile app was created to promote eco-friendly habits and educate users on how changing certain daily habits can make a big difference on the environment. The users have a variety of tasks to fullfill ranging from daily to weekly as well as one-time challenges and recurring ones.

The app was developed using React Native and Node.js technologies. Our designers’ mission was to rethink the user flow and create a more visually appealing application. The result of our fruitful work with SATIM was a mobile product that met the needs of our client and the expectations of consumers.

The challenge

People are starting to feel the impacts of climate change and they want to make a difference. That’s why our client came to us with an idea for an eco-friendly mobile application that would help build a better future by providing each induvidual with simple daily tasks. However, the UX/UI design prepared by a third-part company didn’t fully satisfy business requirements, and SATIM decided to turn to our software house for help.

The biggest pain points were visuals and a poor-thought-out user journey flow. Thus, our team was challenged not only to develop an easy to use and visually attractive app, but also to engage people to act in an environmentally conscious way and help them establish sustainable habits in the long-run using convenient UX and UI pratices.

Enjoy eco mobile app view
enjoy eco mobile view

The solution

To display the main theme and purpose of the application, we have applied a vibrant color palette in blue and green tones. These colors are often associated with ecology and environmentalism, so it was a perfect fit for the EnjoyEco app. After in-depth analysis of customer requirements and review of the existing user flow, we have come up with a refreshed prototype to visualise our solutions and have presented it to the client.

enjoy Eco project

Main features

Our product has a variety of functionalities, the most important one being the Challenges section which included one-time challenges, weekly challenges and recurring tasks that help forming users’ habits.

We have turned to gamification guidelines to increase motivation and engagement of our users. After successfully completing the challenge, a person is rewarded with adequate amount of points. The app has a leaderboard where the users can track how well they stack up against others.

With EnjoyEco, people can learn about environmental issues and compare the impacts of different choices of daily habits in seven categories: energy, water, trees, CO2, soil, waste, and pets.

Besides popular eco-friendly activities (such as using tote bags for shopping or waste sorting), the application also promotes a healthy lifestyle, encouraging users to choose a bike over a car for a daily commute and many more.

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