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01The project

Spark is an initiative portal where you can follow various ideas for your workplace, write comments to them as well as participate in different challenges. Our goal as a team was to create a web app for employees to share their ideas on how to make things work better, look better or even feel better!

We wanted people to believe that the greatest things start from a spark of an idea and we gave them an oppurtunity to share this within work community. For this purpose, we have used PHP Blade and Vue.js on front-end and Laravel on back-end side. The project was also prepared to be further developed in TypeScript.

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The challenge

Our task was to turn an already existing application into a special place where users would have a space to share any ideas ranging from more professional to more trivial. Main difficulty on the front-end side was an old, non-reusable, broad code which had to be reviewed and re-written. We were requested to make back-end, infrastructure and hosting changes as well. Throughout the whole work process, we were continually supporting the old Spark platform and CMS.

The solution

To solve the above-mentioned front-end issues, we have decided to implement the newest solution from Vue - Composition API. It turned out to be very effective, and we have successfully managed to transfer some old code to the Composition API. Thanks to this, we were creating a whole range of reusable components faster and easier. Moreover, Dev and Deliver developers have shorten the code as much as possible and improved its structure. Through this, the current product is technologically up to date and ready to be scaled up and expanded through TypeScript.







Main features

The flexibility was an integral part of the project, as different organizations require different solutions. Our application is intended to be a perfect solution for various types of organizations - like institutions or schools. Each of them can create their own user groups (e.g. teachers and students) to separate them and give an individual space for sharing ideas. This is achieved through the Admin Panel, where our clients can customize the app and adapt it to their needs.

However, the old system could not handle some of the new functionalities anymore, so it was requested from Dev and Deliver software house to rebuild and reconstruct the existing CMS. To successfully implement all changes, our web app developers have expanded back-end operations and added new features to the Admin Panel. The tech stack we chose has helped us achieve our goals and make the administrative part of the application more accessible.

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The main functionality is pretty simple: the Spark users can post ideas for others to interact as well as to interact with already published ideas. They can like, comment or mark as idea of interest. The best ideas get to be implemented.

The app allows for five types of users: User, Super User, Moderator, Innovation Officer and Chief Innovation Officer. The first being able to add ideas, like, comment and show support and the latter having full control over CIO panel, implementation process and actions regarding ideas.

Through dashboard, Chief Innovation Officer can track statistics on users activity, number of ideas and challenges or leader board. He can view ideas in progress, flag them or assign Innovation Officers to take on the implementation process.

With a built-in calculator, the IOs get an opportunity to create an estimation of potential bussines impact of the selected idea. The benefits can be adjusted to every organization needs. Later in the Gains section, the CIO can view amount of saved money through implemented ideas.


It has been a huge pleasure working with D&D as their deep expertise combined with their innovative and fresh ideas makes for a fantastic service experience.

Tara Majumdar, Spark Partnerships Manager

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