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01The project

8billionideas is an e-learning platform for children aged 10-14. The main purpose of this web application is to support children with expanding their potential. The platform offers various types of content such as videos, courses, and live experiences with the focus on three following areas: ‘Start a business’, ‘Career Passport’, ‘Level up”.

While using the app, children have a possibility to track their progress, submit homeworks, and receive feedback from competent mentors. Moreover, parents can also follow the progress of their child and always check submitted works and comments left to them using their own dashboard.




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The challenge

Initially our company was invited to create a convenient and intuitive web application for four types of users: children and parents as well as admins and mentors (in the latest release, we have also added two new types - partner schools and students). However, our main challenge was time, because the client wanted to launch the digital platform ‘8billionideas’ before the start of the next school year in order to integrate it with school curriculum in the UK.

The solution

After the discussion with our client, we agreed on the most important features, expanded the project team, and divided the entire functionality of the application into stages according to priority - what would be developed before and after MVP. Using Scrum methodolodgy and working in two-week sprints, we have successfuly delivered in time the platform for children and their parents and presented the admin panel for admins and mentors. As a result, the 8billionideas client was satisfied with our work and has moved on in collaboration with Dev and Deliver software house which continues to this day.


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Main features

Since our product is intended for several groups of users, we had to understand which difficulties each of them may face. Taking into consideration various age categories of the users and their different levels of technical knowledge, we suggest them two authentication methods: standard password authentication and innovative passwordless login via magic link.

Thus, we have done our best to find an approach for everyone. At the same time, it was important to stick the general visual style and concept. In order to create an intuitive and simple interface for mentors and admins, we used our own unique components combined with Material Design library. This has helped us save time for front-end development and UI design.

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There is one target audience that deserves special attention: children. To provide a creative learning environment, we've dressed up the interface with bright illustrations and soft colors.

But our main goal remained the same: to help our young users improve their skills and create memorable user experience. While working through courses or videos, a child can send a question to a real person using such a function as ‘Chat with mentor’ - and get a quick answer!

Futhermore, with the help of the Elasticsearch engine we have simplified search for study materials, so now the children can easily browse the library by choosing a topic, a type of content and applying filters.

One of the best features of the 8billionideas platform is interactive Experiences - online webinars that allow children to take part in learning activities guided by trained facilitators. Thanks to the in-app Mailchimp’s notifications the child will be informed in time about an upcoming event and won’t miss it.


DND were excellent to work with and were aligned to the goals of our business. They worked hard to deliver on a product co-designed with us, and were fair and responsive on its continued development.

Ravi Chauhan, Director of Design & Marketing

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