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01The project

Toja Patio Furniture is a Canadian outdoor patio and indoor furniture company that has been dedicated to delivering high quality products at affordable prices for many years.

The client approached us with a request to design and develop a furniture covers configurator as a part of the services Toja provides.




The challenge

Dev and Deliver was asked to create an intuitive and easy to navigate 2D configuration tool for the Toja Patio Furniture customers (especially for retirees), allowing them to modify products in line with their needs. In order to describe the idea our clients wanted to implement, they showed us their own hi-fidelity sketch of the future service. This helped our team better understand a general concept and mark the functions that must have been included.

The most challenging task was to develop an Algorithm that remembers user’s choices, and based on them, displays a proper form with measurements. It was also requested to design the configurator page in neutral colors to enable customization for the partners who cooperated with Toja Patio Furniture and to fit the brand identity.

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The solution

To address the challenge, we have started by preparing designs in Sketch and prototyping in InVision. After that, our developers have brought to life the designs using the front-end library React and Node back-end.

After successfully finding the best way for users to accomplish the goal, we have created a simple step-by step-configurator. The users can enter dimensions (both in metric and imperial system), select a fabric type or a shape of furniture pieces, and the formula will convert the price automatically based on their input. The payment was integrated with Shopify - one of the most popular platforms supporting e-commerce. Moreover, to make the design more pleasing to the eye, we have added subtle animations.

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