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01What it is

React is a UI development library established by Facebook around 10 years ago. It’s a JavaScript-based library full of various tools for creating usable and seamless UIs. React.js development services are used for building web applications and websites.

With a React library, this process is much more simple and faster than developing a functional application from scratch. React library allows to build digital solutions with flawless intuitive UIs and minimize the costs spent on development. The time needed to deploy the product decreases as well: a library grants access to the components that create a final UI across applications.

Benefits of choosing React for your next project

React frontend framework solves numerous challenges in the process of developing user-friendly UIs. Explore some of the advantages of a React.js library.

  • The React library consists of interactive components that can be updated automatically whenever your data changes. All these components are encapsulated but together form a well-developed complex UI.
  • SEO-friendly UI is one of the key parts of any successful digital product. React helps to build apps suitable for different web browsers and, thus, increases conversion and improves user experience.
  • React services ensure fast loading of all the UI components at a scale. A well-thought UI means better performance across all platforms.
  • A large number of reusable interactive components allows to develop modern responsive UI in no time.

Where and when React can be used?

React.js is designed to create fast applications that process large amounts of data and visually-appealing websites. Since its inception, React has attracted the attention of many brands in various industries.

One of the biggest platforms using this technology for its UI is Netflix. The goal of this streaming service was to offer the best single-page web applications for users. And, the company has chosen Facebook’s React because of the startup speed, runtime performance, and modularity.

Another example of effective use of a React library is National Geographic. One of the central elements that have been updated was the subscription system. And thus, the application speed increased by 2 times while software delivery time - by 5 times accordingly..

Facing React development challenges?

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02Why choose us


Trustworthy partnership

We put a strong emphasis on trust-based relationship with clients and appreciate when both sides can collaborate on achieving goals in the best way possible.


High performance solutions

Our company adapts the technology stack to best suit the project’s needs and delivers solutions that will last and perform for years.

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Diverse background team

Diverse workplace helps team members to constantly expand their knowledge and bring to the table inputs from various fields and work sectors.


Thorough quality assurance

Established and optimised QA processes that ensure less costs in the long-term. Both manual code reviews & automated tests are the way to go.

How our React team is built and managed?

Dev and Deliver is a React development company based in Cracow. We have been delivering React.js development services for many years and now have a special approach to each and every project. Our React company in Cracow, Poland, cares deeply about both personal growth of our developers and the quality of products we deliver to our clients. That is why we do our absolute best to build a team and coordinate the right people for the right tasks.

With Dev and Deliver, any client can hire React developers and build a functional responsive UI for their application. Our React development company is proud of the individually-tailored approach to the client’s needs and the unique vision of every solution we provide. Our specialists don’t just create web and mobile applications. They create lasting and highly efficient solutions for various fields and industries.

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