hemfrid project on mobile

The project

Hemfrid is one of the largest home services company in Sweden. The Hemfrid mobile product consists of two parts: an application for customers who can book services, and an application for employees that allows them to track their scheduled appointments on a calendar and check booking details.

We were mainly focused on improving the employee application using React Native. However, the client was interested in a long-term cooperation with our crew, that is why we have expanded the list of our tasks and are already working on the customer-facing mobile app.

The challenge

At the very beginning, Hemfrid was a single mobile app for both customers and employees. However, such a solution only complicated the development and, as a result, the use of the application by ordinary users. For example, in order to fix some bugs on the employee side, it was necessary to release an update for two user groups at once and ask all of the users to install a new version of the Hemfrid app - which, of course, didn't make sense and caused confusion among the customers, since they didn't see any changes.

Thus, together with the client, our Dev and Deliver software house team has decided not only to rewrite and improve the application code, but also to rethink the old product.


in progress




The solution

We have come to the conclusion to make two separate applications following the best practices of similar mobile apps such as Uber, Bolt or Booksy. Spliting the Hemfrid app has brought our clients and their users a lot of benefits. At the moment, code and branding updates can be done separately in each app without any impact on the other. A specialized app also solves the issue with access to various features available only to customers or only to employees.

The application is built with the latest React Native. Besides, to improve user experience, we have used the React Native Reanimated library to create in-app animations for smoother transitions between screens and elements.

hemfrid app

Main features

Logging is possible in two ways: via SMS and via SSO - BankID which is an electronic identification solution available in Sweden. The main feature is the employee ability to have a private, weekly or monthly calendar and track all daily services and their details. Before performing a service, the employee gets information about the service such as: time and duration of the service, address, map with navigation to destination point, all entry access codes and rating of the customer.

Service instructions are translated dynamically to five different languages. After the service is finished, the employee submits the list of performed services. If needed the employee can contact the supervisor and report any caused damage or ask for additional supplies. On the profile tab user has an access to salary history, general user information, preferred language and links to Hemfrid Academy and Employee Handbook.

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