Yii 2.0 marvelous crew

Creating complex CMS-based systems is one of our greatest advantages. Yii 2.0 is a one of PHP frameworks that we use to achieve easy maintenance, best possible performance and scalability. API integrations, mailing services, content managing, payments. Call it, get it.


Why is good to use Yii 2.0?

High speed of work and development

Small but solid and responsive community

Flexible yet moderately opinionated

Easy to use ORM compatible with many databases

4 experienced senior developers

Various projects with wide difficulty level

In depth framework knowledge

We are experienced with:

  • Migrations
  • Cron mechanisms
  • Simple and advanced starters
  • Familiarity with popular and safe plugins
  • PJAX
  • Integrations with web services
  • Frameworks like express, sails, loopback
  • Mobile and web front-end integrations

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