Back-End Development

Shopify developers from Poland.

We have made 30 projects in Shopify so far.

We have 10 Shopify developers on board.


Considering that the great Amazon itself, closing its platform, got interested in Shopify, it prompted us to explore the secrets of this tool.

Our team of developers has a lot of experience and many projects based on Shopify behind them.


Software for sales platform and e-commerce.


  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • You have full control over the store
  • A set of useful functions. There are dozens of plugins and modules for Shopify
  • Fast
  • Safety
  • Great community support


  • Although everything seems posibbile to achieve, some changes to the custom templates are time consuming
  • Quite complicated store maintenance
  • Shopify is a large set of tools and to make sure that you use it correctly, you need to spend some time browsing guides and tutorials
  • High technical knowledge of programming is required

We’ve done lots of work Let’s check some below



White Label Development

IVVI - Fashion Boutique

White Label Development