Gigplug Ltd

Allowing companies to match open roles to a pool of experienced freelancers and contractors. GigPlug users get instant access to finding projects and managing workforce in one place.


Yii 2Yii 2

the challenge

Ensure smooth and transparent management of freelance project applications.

the solution

We built a web service that gives flexibility and quality in finding contractors and projects using cutting edge technologies such as React.js.

Cutting Edge Technology

We developed a matching system that matches roles and projects. Allowing users to seamlessly see what potential projects or contractors are best fit. The site is built using Yii 2 framework and React.js library allowing for real-times interactions and instantaneous updates whenever those are needed. GigPlug is beautifully designed, simple to use and most importantly it has real-life meaningful application as it changes how workforce is managed.


The companies and freelancers pool grows larger with each passing day allowing for more versatility of projects and freelance candidates. The site is going to transform how professional work in the following years.

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